Instant Factoring, instant cash.

Turn your unpaid invoices into cash, without waiting 30, 60, 90 or 120 days.
Instant Factoring
Instant Factoring
Instant Factoring
How does Instant Factoring work?
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Register on the Instant Factoring platform
Create your free account in just 2 minutes
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Upload a copy of the invoice you want to finance
You can upload one or more invoices.
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Get the money in your account within 24 hours
We transfer the money immediately after the invoice approval
*Invoices of any type (doc, pdf, scan or image) can be uploaded to the platform
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Turn your invoices into cash. Simple, fast, transparent.
  • With our app you don’t have to worry about the 30/60/90 days payment terms imposed by your customers
  • Save time – approval in 2h, access to cash in maximum 24h
  • You can sell an unlimited number of invoices in their due date, even if your business is just starting out
  • Get rid of the bureaucracy and the endless trips between the bank and your office
Our partners
Sell invoices up to 250.000 EUR in just a few minutes.

We’re here for you, whether you’re just starting out or want to grow your business.

How much can I finance?
Upload your invoices to the platform and find out how much you'll get in your account.

Invoice in the amount of:


Invoice due in:


15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120
Cash in your invoices in 24h
The financing fee is EUR
**Estimated calculation for the average financing commission of 0.1% per day.
Register and cash in within 24 hours

*The factoring commission is calculated as a percentage of the financed amount, for each assigned invoice and may vary depending on the amount requested, the financing period, and the reliability of your client.

**In order to get an offer with the approval conditions, the invoice you want to finance must be uploaded into the Instant Factoring platform by creating an user account.

Within 24 hours
No bureaucracy, no headaches
Transparent and without any hidden costs
You know within two hours if your invoice has been approved and get up to 100% of its value.
Customer testimonials

“We have been collaborating with Instant Factoring for almost a year. We are very satisfied with the services provided. We recommend with confidence to all companies. “

Adrian Nagy

A grade A financing solution for invoices with a long payment term, a huge help for small companies in the current economic context for cash-flow regulation.

A prompt and fast team, fast processing, I recommend to all companies, also qualified staff in the economic field and very professional! 

Balasz Orban

A company that offers very simple/quick solutions and very helpful when you don’t have enough cash. For transport companies, it is of real use when you have deadlines of 30-45 days for the collection of issued invoices. I recommend both for an occasional and long-term collaboration. 

Andrei Codrea
Cad Synergy Invest SRL

Very well organized logistically! Honestly, I had doubts at the beginning, but they are very fast and it is exactly what is needed in the current socio-economic conditions. It is one of the most realistic solutions for unlocking cash flow for companies that have work and do not have liquidity. Banks are behind in response time to this solution. 

Nicu Negura

I am satisfied with the fast and objective manner of collaboration. They were there when I needed them. I recommend with an open heart! 

Cora Iordache

Super pros! I am at the beginning of the road with them, but we will certainly continue the collaboration. Simple and safe procedure. I recommend!!! 

Valentina Giurgea
Crama Razesilor

A company that stands out through high-class professionalism and flexibility. We started a beautiful collaboration a few months ago, at a time when Instant Factoring was our lifeline. I have recommended and will continue to recommend with warmth and above all with confidence, because I know that they will rise to the level of expectations every time.

Costache Ecaterina
SBT Group

I had the pleasure of getting to know the company Instant Factoring with whom I have been working very well for more than a year, they are also very kind and very prompt! I recommend them with an open heart! 

Victor Dobrescu
Oh! Salad

Promptness, speed and correctness. We have been collaborating for more than a year, mutually beneficial. Congratulations to the INSTANT FACTORING professionals. 

Tatiana Coman

I recommend Instant Factoring. Promptness, understanding and support. This is how we, who have been working with them for almost 2 years, can define them.

Oana Vasile

Very professional and fast, with clear answers to all questions and concerns, plus overnight money transfer after file approval (which took overnight). The commission was very small. 

Oltea Zambori

We recommend Instant Factoring for any entrepreneur. If you want to sell the invoices with longer payment terms, if you want to take possession of the money earlier, call Instant Factoring with confidence! Thanks to the team, score 10! 

Mihai Daniel Saia
Instant Factoring in numbers
Financed invoices
Active companies on our platform
EUR transferred to client accounts
5+ years
Presence on the Romanian market
The Instant Factoring Team

The Instant Factoring team members have more than 10 years experience in the industry and have processed over 1 million invoices. We’re ready to be your partner on your road to growth and succes.

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Cristian Ionescu
Co-Founder & CEO
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Cătălin Voloșeniuc
Board Member
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Laura Gavrilă
Board Member

Frequently asked questions

Factoring is an easy solution to accelerate a company’s cash-flow, especially for micro-enterprises, by collecting money faster than the 30, 60 or even 90 days payment term agreed previously with the customer. How does it work? The company sells the invoice to Instant Factoring, which, in exchange for a fixed, monthly fee communicated from the beginning, transfers its value within 24 hours. The invoice should meet the eligibility conditions. Factoring is mainly, but not exclusively, addressed to micro-enterprises in all sectors of activity and all geographical locations. With faster access to cash, entrepreneurs can pay suppliers or employees and invest in internal processes or start new projects.

We eliminate the whole lengthy approval process required during a classic financing: a certain amount and volume of financed invoices, a minimum level of turnover and other required financial indicators, guarantees, lengthy file approval time and all the bureaucracy behind it. Unlike banks and other financial institutions, the invoice is assessed in just two hours and the money is transferred within 24 hours

There are only a few requirements that your company must meet in order to finance your invoices with Instant Factoring: 1. To be based in Romania 2. To have clients from other companies 3. To work with payment terms, issuing invoices with terms payment of up to 90 days

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