Terms and conditions


The on-line application is made available to Users by Instant Factoring IFN SA, with the registered office in 49 Nicolae G. Caramfil street, 4th floor, room 8, District 1, Bucharest, registered with the Romanian Trade Register under no J40/3505/2018, C.U.I. (tax code) 39011374 (the ”Company”) can be accessed via the website https://app.instantfactoring.com,

The online application allows Users to access the invoice purchase/sales services, provided by Instant Factoring IFN SA, via internet 24/7, from anywhere in the world. The Application also allows Users:

  • to upload the sales invoices for which the purchase/sales service is requested,
  • to view the portfolio of accepted invoices and rejected invoices,
  • to view the payment status of the accepted invoices.

In order to access invoice purchase/sales services, it is necessary for the User to create an account. Once the User registered with the online Application, he/she can always upload the invoices for which he/she asks for the invoice sale service. A representative of Instant Factoring IFN SA, will analyze the information submitted to accept or reject the application. In case of acceptance, the parties will negotiate with a view to concluding a contract for the related services. The accepted or rejected invoice portfolio can be verified at any time via the online Application.

The Application User is a Romanian legal entity that, based on a user account, requests Instant Factoring IFN SA, invoice purchase/sale services.

The user account is accessed through a username and a password.


The online application is used for free by the User after his/her signing up by filling in the registration form.

Your account will be created by following the steps below:

  • Enter applicant’s identification data;
  • Enter company identification data (registration number with the Trade Register, Single Registration Code and registered office address);
  • Enter the mailing address and phone number required for validation;
  • Enter the code received via SMS;
  • Validation of the account opening request by a representative of Instant Factoring IFN SA

After completing the above steps, a user account will be created so that the User can log in to the https:// [app.instantfactoring.com] platform. The use is nominal and cannot be transferred to an unauthorized person.

Instant Factoring IFN SA, reserves the right to suspend or disable your user accounts (a) if you fail to comply with these conditions, (b) if applicable law or competent authorities or courts require or impose this (or) (c) if we decide to withdraw/close the on-line Application on the market. Instant Factoring IFN SA, will not be liable for any implications of such a decision.

The User declares and warrants that none of the information and documents provided in the online Application contains false, unrealistic data or omissions on the essential issues that need to be communicated.

Instant Factoring IFN SA, reserves the right (and not the obligation) to verify the authenticity of the User registration data relating to their existence. By accepting the terms and conditions („Terms and Conditions” or „Terms of Use”), the User agrees to any checks that will be made by Instant Factoring IFN SA, for the reality and accuracy of the data provided.

If it is found that the information made available by the User is inaccurate or inconsistent with those provided by law enforcement agencies, Instant Factoring IFN SA, reserves the right to suspend or stop User’s access to the on-line Application Services and to refuse current or future attempts to access the Services offered through the on-line Application.


The application ensures the confidentiality of the data and information submitted, as well as of the personal data that may be required to Users at registration, which are used only for the purposes of the credit activity requested by the User.

The application uses security methods and technologies to protect personal data collected in accordance with applicable law and makes all reasonable commercial efforts to protect the collected personal data.

The application complies with the confidential information provided and will not sell or rent or change the mailing lists or customer data.


Instant Factoring IFN SA, reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or discontinue the on-line Application (fully or partially). In this case, Instant Factoring IFN SA, is not liable to the User or to a third person for any modification, suspension or interruption of the services available through the on-line Application.


The user expressly accepts Instant Factoring IFN SA, will not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, special damages or prejudices, including but not limited to damages consisting of profit loss, inability to use, data or other intangible or incalculable losses, resulting in:

– the data provided by Instant Factoring IFN SA, via the on-line Application;

– the use or inability to use the on-line Application Services;

– the unauthorized access to or damage to User transmissions or data;

– the statements or actions of a third party on on-line Application Services;

– any other issue related to on-line Application Services.


In some cases, Instant Factoring IFN SA may collect non-personal information about the Users. Examples of this type of information are: the type of browser used, the operating system of the computer used, and the domain name of the website where the connection to the application was made.

While watching the application, Instant Factoring IFN SA will be able to store certain User information. This information will be in the form of a “Cookie” file or a similar file. These “Cookies” help Instant Factoring IFN SA build an application that best fits the interests and preferences of the Users.

With most Internet browsers, you can delete or block „Cookies” or receive a warning before receiving such a file. Instant Factoring IFN SA recommends Users to consult the browser’s instructions to learn more about these functions.


Notifications/communications addressed to Users will be made electronically by e-mail. The on-line Application Holder may notify you of changing the Terms and Conditions or other matters by displaying notifications to Users generally, on the website https://app.instantfactoring.com, or in the on-line Application.


The terms and conditions of use are the parties’ agreement and govern the User’s use of the on-line Application. Accessing and recording your data in this Application implies the express and full acceptance of these terms and conditions.